Content Designer and Editorial Strategist

Hi! I’m Meriah. I've written and edited for some of the largest digital media brands for more than a decade. This deep editorial experience seriously sharpens my content design. My love of clarity and concision brings joy and ease to user journeys.

I bring your UI to life.

I reduce friction.

I lessen cognitive load.

I empathize.

Brands for which I have written, edited, content designed, created style guides and other editorial:

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Content Design

Digital marketing app onboarding exercise (2022)

The "Before" section is adapted from a UX writing exercise. My "After" reimagines the content flow, text, and even some of the app's functions. My version explains how the app works and its value to users, prompting them to sign up and use the product free of charge. Account setup, address field, contacts field and newsletter signups are left off my flow entirely in order to simplify the journey so more users sign up.

Digital Marketing App Content Flow.pdf

Crowd Compose wireframe exercise (2022)

Below is a wireframe for an app I'm designing in my Google UX Design class. I've named it "Crowd Compose." It lets people create music together. View a prototype.

User flow for songwriting app.pdf